Adeline, 26, France

First name: Adeline

Age: 26

Country of birth: France

Where do you live now?: Paris

In a few words, who are you?:   Free, crazy and nice

Women's experiences with Cooking

Do you cook?: 


What is your specialty?: 

My favorite recipe is Forêt Noire. It is a chocolate cake with cherries inside. So tasty! My mom used to cook it for birthdays. So this cake remembers me also good memories of my mom!

Forêt noire

Women's experiences with Clothing

What is your favorite outfit?: 

Pair of jeans with a tee-shirt

Women's experiences with ARTS

Could you name me a piece of art that speaks to you the most? (It could be a painting, a song, a movie, a book … Really anything):

Milk and Honey from Rupi Kaur

Women’s experiences with Everyday thinking and inner emotion

What do you spend the most day thinking about?

Love and Happiness

Women’s Inspirations

Who are your mentor(s) in life?

Women like Rupi Kaur

Women's experiences with hope and happiness

What do you hope for the future?

Feeling happy 

Changing a litlle bit the world

Making other happy

What means happiness for you? Feel free to give personal example 🙂

It is a temporary feeling of completeness and peace. Happiness makes you smile, safe and warm inside. It gives you wings so you can fly. For me, it is the only thing that is worth fighting for.

Photo by Timothy Meinberg on Unsplash

Women’s Life purposes

What do you think is your purpose in life?

Helping others maybe

Do you love your job? Do you live the life you imagined?

I will live the life I imagine one day 🙂

Women’s Achievement

What are the achievements you are the most proud of?

Leaving France to study in the US completely changed my life.

The most important in life for Women

What do you cherish the most in life?

Love and happiness

Women’s experiences of Love

When I say the word “love”, what other words come to your mind? 


Did you ever have your heart broken? How did you get over it?  

It gets better with time ! 🙂

Are you in love right now? If yes, why him/her? 


Photo by Sarah Louise Kinsella on Unsplash

Women’s experiences with Self-Perception

Do you love yourself? Why/ Why not? 

I try everyday. If someone should like me it should be me! 

What is the best thing you did for yourself? 

Going abroad.

Are you married ?

If yes, how did you meet your husband/ wife?


What does marriage mean to you?

It means knowing that someone is going to stay in your life forever. However, I think that meaning changed a lot as time goes by.

Photo by Arshad Pooloo on Unsplash
Photo by Helena Sollie on Unsplash

Women’s experiences with Family

What does family mean to you?

People that have to be there with you.

Are you close to your parents?

It depends

Is having children important for you? Why?

Yes, I think it is amazing to be able to give life. I will be so happy when it will happen if it does.

Do you think it is part of the woman’s role to have children? Can woman feel fulfilled without having children?

I think it is great that woman can have children. However, of course they can be happy without having children.

What do you think of birth control and abortion?

It is awesome to have the choice.

Do you have a child?

Not yet. 

Women’s Legacy

Which advice would you give to your daughter?

You are amazing the way you are. Don’t be scared to be who you want to be and take risks.

Women’s experiences with Education

Is education important for you? Why?

Yes, because it influences children. Education builds tomorrow’s society.

How is education system in your country?


Women’s experiences with Religion

Do you consider yourself as religious? If yes, does your religion ever impacted your status as a woman? If yes, how?


Women’s Life’s overdeals

What is one of the biggest challenge you faced?

Having my heart broken and a surgery in the same time.

How did you solve it? Did this overdeal change you? If yes, how?

By trying to get better every single minute. It made me stronger and happier

Women’s experiences with their rights

 Did you ever feel denied one of your fundamental rights?


Which right(s) you wish you could have? How could you obtain those? How could other help you?

    Do you feel free?
    Do you feel safe?
    Most of the time
    Photo by Eneida Hoti on Unsplash

    What about men ?

     How do you think men perceive you as a woman?

    I think men perceive women as an inferior human being. I don’t believe that it will be different soon

    What about women ?

    What does it mean to be a woman?

      Did you ever feel belittled to your status of “woman” in society? Could you tell me more about it?
      Yes sometimes. 
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