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Elisa is an wonderful artist from Prato (near Florence in Italy!) in her 20’s. 

How would you describe yourself?

I think I would describe myself as a determined and sensitive person, sometimes critical, especially with myself and a bit moody, I admit it, but I’m working a lot on my character and day after day I try to improve and grow, learning from my experiences

Wonderful art from The Blooming Light Bulb

How would you describe your art?

Hard question, because my illustrations reflect what I feel at a precise moment and therefore they are always different and constantly evolving, just as I am. Most of the time they are ironic, colorful, generally I try to share positive messages, such as taking care of ourselves and others or female empowerment.

How would you describe your field?

The artistic field is really full of talents and the more you use social media, like Instagram, the more you discover new ones. When I realized it for real I was like “oh God, I’ll never be as good as them” but then I realized that I had to see it from another perspective, without getting discouraged and on the contrary surrounding myself with artists who would inspire me and give me even more stimuli to continue to create, because in the end in this field everyone has the possibility to emerge because each artist will express himself in a different way than another.

What do you want to say through your art?

I would like my illustrations to be a source of positive energy and to be able to convey certain values, to evoke a memory or an emotion in the viewer, so that the observer can be reflected in them, making me feel more connected with them and with the world.

What / Who inspires you?

Most of the time I am inspired by everyday life, by the things around me, I look at them and I see something that really isn’t there, I imagine a short story about them, or simply by my feelings, by the positive values that I want to convey. But the best ideas come to me suddenly when I’m not looking for them. I write them down on a piece of paper and then I illustrate them better, digitally.

Does your work comment on your social or political issues?

When we express what we are, I think it is inevitable that our thoughts and our way of seeing things reveal, mainly from a social point of view. Anyway, one day, I would like to expose myself more also from a political point of view, maybe indirectly, creating illustrations for newspapers, but today, I want to maintain a lighter mood, as I said, based only on topics that convey positivity and strength

Wonderful illustration from The Blooming Light Bulb
Beautiful illustration from The Blooming Light Bulb

What obstacles have you faced?

I think the biggest obstacles are always inside our heads, or at least in my case, especially when my insecurities come out. That’s why it’s important to work on ourselves, accepting our own low moments, when we don’t like the results of our work or when we don’t feel inspired by anything. Obstacles are made to be overcome after all, so when we look back, we’ll be even more proud of our path.

What is the best advice you could give to someone entering the same industry as you?

Today everyone knows that social media plays their part in this field, but we must remember that we don’t have to give too much weight to numbers, but create because we feel it inside, because we love to do it, guided by our passion, even though sometimes we do not feel up to it and the results are not immediate at all. I think it takes a lot of willingness to do, perseverance, practice and a bit of curiosity

On a more pragmatic level have you been supported during your project?

I started this project without telling anyone, not even friends or family, because I wanted to take this path alone, trying to understand which direction I really wanted to go. Then when I started to have the first satisfactions, but also the first insecurities, I couldn’t keep it hidden anymore, because it’s nice to share the happy moments, but it’s also nice to confront and share the difficulties. So I would say that the support of my family, my boyfriend and some close friends has been and still is essential and stimulating.

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