Samantha Dennis

We were so happy to be able to interview the wonderful Samantha Dennis. This incredible artist 29 years old artist from Toronto (Canada) is blowing our mind with her magnificent paintings

How would you describe yourself?

I would describe myself as a shy person, I love to laugh, hang with friends, eat, watch Greys Anatomy/The Office and obviously paint!

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Wonderful art from Samantha Dennis

How would you describe your art?

My art is a fuse of abstract and realism. I love exploring themes of colour and texture, through portraits of black women

How would you describe your field?

The art field for me has been kind of difficult to get into. But, finding a community has really pushed me to start producing more work.

What do you want to say through your art?

I want to show women that look like me. I want people to see resilience, strength, versatility and finesse. Black women are so unique! There’s also themes of voyeurism, and it’s important for my works to engage the viewer and not be possessed.

What / Who inspires you?

I am inspired by all the black women around me.

Does your work comment on your social or political issues?

Yes! It comments on the lack of art focused on black women. It’s painted from the perspective of me, another black female. It also speaks to how black women are consumed and interacted with. So that’s why many of works don’t look away from the viewer.

Wonderful painting from Samantha Dennis
Beautiful artwork from Samantha Dennis

What obstacles have you faced?

I’ve been through a lot in life and just believing in my craft has been the biggest challenge I’ve gotten over. And also knowing that I’m truly where I need to be and working in my purpose.

What is the best advice you could give to someone entering the same industry as you?

I would say don’t give up, be passionate, find people that support you/are like you, don’t feel pressured have your style right away, and not to compare yourself to others

On a more pragmatic level have you been supported during your project?

Yes, many black women have come up to me and told me they can see themselves in my works. And, That’s exactly what I want.

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