Marine, 26, Switzerland

First name:Marine

Age: 26

Country of birth: France

Where do you live now?: Switzerland

Occupation: CEO of Minette Yoga

In a few words, who are you?:   Yogini, Travels lover & Artist

Women's experiences with Cooking

Do you cook?: 


What is your specialty?: 

Vegan food

Marine’s Matcha vegan cake :

Ingredients : – 200 g of flour – 90 g of sugar – 100 g of olive oil – 50 g of soy milk – 1 sachet of baking powder – 1 sachet of vanilla powder – pinch of salt – 200 g of vegan yogurt (soy or I used coco vegan one) – 100 g of water – 2 tablespoon of matcha powder

Preparation : 1/ mix all the dried ingredients first 2/ then add one by one liquid ingredients 3/ pouring the mix in a baking pan 4/ put in in the oven 180 degrees during 40 min ish

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Women's experiences with Clothing

What is your favorite outfit?: 

Red dress

Women's experiences with ARTS

Could you name me a piece of art that speaks to you the most? (It could be a painting, a song, a movie, a book … Really anything):

Alice In Wonderland

Women’s experiences with Everyday thinking and inner emotion

What do you spend the most day thinking about?

Happiness & love

Women’s Inspirations

Who are your mentor(s) in life?


Women's experiences with Hope and happiness

What do you hope for the future?

Be happy happily ever after

What means happiness for you? Feel free to give personal example 🙂

Feel free
Love myself and be loved 
Enjoy life 
Help people to feel happy

Women’s Life purposes

What do you think is your purpose in life?

I’d like to be a good yoga teacher and doing wellbeing workshops in order to help people to fulfill

Do you love your job? Do you live the life you imagined?

I will

Women’s Achievement

What are the achievements you are the most proud of?

Have the strength to quit my job, my life in Paris and my country to follow my destiny

The most important in life for Women

What do you cherish the most in life?

Gratitude & kindness


Women’s experiences of Love

When I say the word “love”, what other words come to your mind? 

Family, husband, children

Did you ever have your heart broken? How did you get over it?  

Of course

Are you in love right now? If yes, why him/her? 

Yes I am

Women’s experiences with Self-Perception

Do you love yourself? Why/ Why not? 

It depends

What is the best thing you did for yourself? 

Try to accept myself more and more everyday!

Are you married ?

Are you married?


What does marriage mean to you?

Tradition / love / religion/ Diamond ring and crazy white dress hahaha

Did your marriage change your life?

    Do you think you have to be devoted to your husband/ wife? What are roles of husband and wife in the family? Are those roles different?
    It depends what do you mean by “devoted to”
    Photo by guille pozzi on Unsplash

    Women’s experiences with Family

    Are you close to your parents?

    Yes and no

    Is having children important for you? Why?

    Yes it is 
    A woman has the wonderful power to have baby, is the best accomplishment in a woman life !

    Do you think it is part of the woman’s role to have children? Can woman feel fulfilled without having children?


    What do you think of birth control and abortion?

    It is very important to have the choice

    Do you have a child?


    If no, Do you want one? Why?

    Yes it is important for me

    Women’s Legacy

    Which advice would you give to your daughter?

    Express herself and don’t be afraid to be herself and follow her dreams

    Women’s experiences with Education

    Is education important for you? Why?

    Of course ! It is all the basis

    How is education system in your country?

    Education for everybody, good !

    Women’s experiences with their rights

     Do you feel free?

    Do you feel safe?
    Not really
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