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Maria Illustrations is an beautiful and talented 31 years old artist based in London (United Kingdom) 

How would you describe yourself?

I am an extremely passionate individual, who takes great pride in producing bespoke pieces of art. I am an individual who appreciates creativeness and relishes new challenges, as this provides me a true sense of peace, escapism and most importantly; takes me to my happy place. More to add, I would describe myself as an easy going individual, who takes pride in my organisational skills. A strong minded, integral individual, who is determined to achieve her hearts desires with the absolute trust and guidance of my creator; God.

How would you describe your art?

My Art is based on fashion with a mix of finding purpose and positivity.

How would you describe your field?

My field consists of a variety of influential categories; predominantly focused on fashion illustrations, family, friends, the empowering of black females, creating peace in the world, spiritual illustrations – as I am a believer of God and encouraging people to stay positive in the midst of life’s challenges. We are all unique and come from different walks of life, so it is my goal to create an international touch; reaching out to any and every one. My work mainly consists of the use of bright, vibrant colours; which is symbolic of positive feelings and emotions such as happiness, hope, positive energy, power, growth and Stability.

What do you want to say through your art?

My aim is to spread love, peace, awareness, harmony and faith; through fashion, expression and words.

Unity by Maria illustrations

What / Who inspires you?

I typically find source of inspiration through visual blogs, social media websites such as Pinterest and Instagram; inspired by the idea of creating artwork that uplifts and encourages humanity to keep growing and glowing. I also love style & fashion, motivational and biblical quotes, which I contribute into my work from time to time.

Does your work comment on your social or political issues?

Yes, I believe it does. In June 2020 I created an illustration; in support and dedication to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. A movement which I believe is creating a huge impact in today’s world; contributing towards a positive step forward for the whole of humanity in general; bringing civil awareness of equal rights, systematic racism, racial injustice, and discrimination.

As a proud black woman, I truly feel that it is my moral duty, in supporting the above movement, through my preferred form of expression; visual art. I believe that this is most apparent in my illustrations, which consist of inspirational quotes; encouraging ‘Us’ to stay strong.

I tend to draw women a lot I do not have anything against men but women just seem to be more interesting to draw. However, I do want to draw more men to encourage them to be strong too. I have also done an illustration on peace and unity illustrating woman of different race to come together.
One of my favourite illustrations was of a nurse holding the world this was for all our frontline heroes during the coronavirus pandemic.

What obstacles have you faced?

When I was a little girl I use to always draw it could be any and everything , people, objects , food or buildings as I got older I went on to study fashion illustration but unfortunately did not complete the course as my Dad passed away in 2009. My love for art became a distant memory and I lost all motivation. However, in February 2019, a close friend had invited me to her birthday celebration at an event called ‘Sip and stroke.’ The theme of the event was based on each individual sipping on their favourite drink and then portraying whatever came to mind; capturing your imagination and bringing it into life on canvas. It was then, at that very moment that my love and vocation for art was reignited.

Another challenge for me has been working full time and making time for drawing; it is quite hard to find a balance. Sometimes I am so tired and experience ‘art block,’ where I cannot bring myself to be creative. However, I have come to realise that with every set back is a bigger comeback. Therefore, I keep pushing myself by remaining resilient, positive and most importantly, trusting my journey.

What is the best advice you could give to someone entering the same industry as you?

Although I am still in the very early stages of my journey, I can acknowledge that I have certainly come a long way. I can say so far In my experience of the art world is that you will have bad and good days but never give up on what your enjoy. One thing I have learnt along my journey is that I did not use to be as active as I am now and that is due to the fact that I was focused on other things but now I will continue to pursue my dream in doing what I love and that is art. Consistency is the key if you want to see results.

Frontline heroes - Pandemic by Maria Illustrations

On a more pragmatic level have you been supported during your project?

My Family and friends and people who I meet on Instagram push me to keep going which means a lot to me. It is an absolute blessing to be surrounded by positive beautiful people.

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