Manu Lizaso

We had the incredible pleasure of interviewing Manu Lizaso. This wonderful woman is an incredible 31 years old singer! This Argentinian artist has so many different talents: singer, composer, songwriter, and music teacher. This artist lives in a little town called Quilmes (close to Buenos Aires). 

How would you describe yourself?

I would describe myself as a happy, joyful and anxious person who searches for her dreams and works hard to make them real

How would you describe your art?

I am a singer. I also write and compose. Yet composition is quite new for me, as I only began recently. The songs, I mostly choose to sing, speak about love and sometimes nature. I also love to sing about duality. Indeed, everything has a brightness and darkness. Women are also a topic I really like singing about. This matter is really important to me. Women’s revolution is quite important in Argentina and I feel really involved in it.

How would you describe your field?

The music industry is not an easy one to work in. In Argentina, making a living out of music is hard. I work as a music teacher. At the same time, I also sing. Yet, I can not live out of my singing. I have been studying music for 9 years now. I have met a lot of artists in the industry, which is great as we work in the same industry. These meetings allow me to evolve with them and give me wonderful opportunities. 

We asked Manu Lizaso, why did she choose to be an artist and not an easier path: 

I started singing when I was really young. I decided that I wanted to study it when I finished school. I understood that I could express myself through singing when I was a young teenager. Back then I was really shy and music gave me an opportunity to express myself. When I sing I feel free and being able to express my self. Something magical happens. It is as if I could connect with my spiritual part.

What / Who inspires you?

Few artists as the great Lisandro Aristimuño inspire me. Besides Argentinian and Latin America, folklore and rock kind of music are a great source of inspiration.

Does your work comment on your social or political issues?

I am interested in these issues. However, the songs I have written are not related to these matters. However, when I choose to sing other people’s songs, I mostly pick politically related ones. I am mostly taking an interest in women’s rights related topics.

What obstacles have you faced?

My preconceptions and judgments about doing art are the hardest to overcome. I  studied in an English school and music was not a principal subject so being a singer was not a possibility in my mind. I thought I should study at university, no matter which career. 

As WwwW interviewed Manu Lizaso, we also asked her how does she not give up: 

I think about giving up all the time. I keep thinking that if would have chosen an easier path, I would be a physiologist by now. However, the feeling felt when I sing is so incredible that it makes me remember why I sing. This feeling is helping me not to give up. I can see when I sing that the people are listening to me. They also like it, which is magical. Every time, I doubt my singing career, a person is always telling me how incredible my singing has appeared. It’s quite magical. That gives me the strength to continue. Most of the time, I am so sure that it is what I am supposed to do.

What is the best advice you could give to someone entering the same industry as you?

I would advise you to: Work a lot, study a lot.

I have never stop studying. By now, I have been singing for 10 years and I am still learning and practicing. Set goals and focus on them.
I would also recommend: Try to not compare yourself to other artists. Do your way.

I have always told my student that all voices are unique. Each of us has a unique voice and you should be developing it if you want to earn a living out of your singing. 

-And remember to: Never give up and always look forward.



On a more pragmatic level have you been supported during your project?

I met an important person for me called Maxi Rodas that lives here. I admire him a lot. One day, he talked to me and told me he wanted to record my songs. His help has been huge for me. He helped me records my first EP.

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