Fru Farkas

How would you describe yourself?

I consider myself a peaceful, friendly and open-minded person. I like going out with close friends but I also need a lot of time to be just on my own – reading a book, drawing, thinking. I tend to get anxious in social situations so I try to push my limits and throw myself into anything uncomfortable. I also find it important to be kind to everyone I meet – you may never know what they are dealing with ,,behind the scenes”.

Wonderful art from Fru Farkas

How would you describe your art?

In my art I would like to create a dream-like world where everyone is genuinely kind to each other. I like to add a funny or weird twist to my characters and stories. It’s usually something slightly hidden, something that takes time to be discovered.

How would you describe your field?

I find the illustrator world really nice. Every artists I’ve met so far were extremely lovely and supporting towards each other. You can ask for tips or opinions and they will do their best to help you out. Of course, it’s also competitive – as almost everything – but I think everyone can have a slice from the big cake. Everybody has their own stories and their own way of interpreting the world, therefore everyone has something different to bring to the table.

What do you want to say through your art?

That everyone is equal and even though you may don’t notice it at first, everyone has beautiful, loveable features. I also like the idea that everything has personality and emotions. In my world, it doesn’t matter if you are a raccoon, a flower or a chair, you can have a tea party together where you can discuss the questions of life. I also like to reflect on universal feelings, especially the ones most of us would rather hide.

What / Who inspires you?

My main inspiration comes from my life and my feelings. I also find nature, especially animals very inspiring. And the quirky conversations with my partner are also a great source of inspiration.

Does your work comment on your social or political issues?

One of my main messages is equality – so I think it does.

My Budapest 1.
Wonderful art from Fru Farkas
Wonderful art from Fru Farkas

What obstacles have you faced?

I am my worst enemy. There are times when I don’t feel good enough or I don’t see any development in my work. Usually I try to learn from other artists I adore, but sometimes I just start comparing myself to them, which makes me lose some of my motivation. The things that help me through these periods are my love for illustration and the wonderful people who support me on this journey.

What is the best advice you could give to someone entering the same industry as you?

Practice, practice, and practice. Be humble, determined, try to learn from other artists but don’t be too hard on yourself. Everyone is on their own path.

On a more pragmatic level have you been supported during your project?

My partner, my family, and my friends are my biggest supporters. I can’t thank them enough for being around me and encouraging what I do.

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