Céline, 26, United Kingdom

First name: Celine

Age: 26

Country of birth: France

Where do you live now?: London

Occupation: Student

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Women's experiences with Cooking

Do you cook?: 


What is your specialty?: 

Linguine with Salmon

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Women's experiences with Clothing

What is your favorite outfit?: 

Casual outfit, generally jeans with a more sophisticated top. Comfy shoes.

Women's experiences with ARTS

Could you name me a piece of art that speaks to you the most? (It could be a painting, a song, a movie, a book … Really anything):

Books from Stephen king,
Song: life on mars , Bowie

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Women’s experiences with Everyday thinking and inner emotion

What do you spend the most day thinking about?

do not really think about what i think, I live the moment

Women’s Inspirations

Who are your mentor(s) in life?

do not really have mentors, i would say i admire some people but cannot consider them as mentors

Women's experiences with Hope and happiness

What do you hope for the future?

I hope to lead a life in which I could be satisfied with myself and never get bored. A life in which I could still dream, expect and have an ardent desire to simply… live.

What means happiness for you? Feel free to give personal example 🙂

Happiness is an impossible goal, happiness is a state that can never be achieved, happiness consists in throwing a ball away and run after it to be able to throw it again. Happiness is an ongoing quest.

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Women’s Life purposes

What do you think is your purpose in life?

Do we actually have a purpose, destiny? I do not believe in this statement. We exist we live and our purpose will only be found out when we die.

Women’s Achievement

What are the achievements you are the most proud of?

Completing studies in a foreign country. Taking challenges, new steps and never compromise on my values and beliefs.

Women’s experiences of Love

When I say the word “love”, what other words come to your mind? 

Passion, pain

Did you ever have your heart broken? How did you get over it?  

Yes. I am inclined to believe that time erases everything, even our most painful and destroying life experiences.

Are you in love right now? If yes, why him/her? 

Because we share similar ideals, and I can rely on him.

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Women’s experiences with Self-Perception

Do you love yourself? Why/ Why not? 

YES and No

Are you married ?

If yes, how did you meet your husband/ wife?


What does marriage mean to you?

Convention, ruling, contract.

Do you think you have to be devoted to your husband/ wife? What are the roles of husband and wife in the family? Are those roles different?
Devoted to some extent. Traditional marriage views would favor this opinion, however, devotion to oneself is the most important, devoted to being what we wanted to be and evolve, improve.


Women’s experiences with Family

What does family mean to you?

Trust, support, never-ending relationship.

Are you close to your parents?

Yes and no

Is having children important for you? Why?


Do you think it is part of the woman’s role to have children? Can woman feel fulfilled without having children?

No, biologically, women are expected to have children, society is now more opened and has widened its restricted expectations for women. Women are not walking uteruses.

What do you think of birth control and abortion?

Nothing, women should be free to access any of those.

Do you have a child?


If no, Do you want one? Why?

Maybe, not decided yet.

Women’s Legacy

Which advice would you give to your daughter?

Follow your dream, try, fail and try again.

Women’s experiences with Education

Is education important for you? Why?

Extremely important

How is education system in your country?

quite developed, free and universal.

Women’s experiences with religion

Do you consider yourself as religious? If yes, does your religion ever impacted your status as a woman? If yes, how?

no , atheist

Women’s experiences with life's overdeals

What is one of the biggest challenge you faced?

not known yet.

Women’s experiences with their rights

Did you ever feel denied one of your fundamental rights?


Do you feel free?

Do you feel safe?

What about men

How do you think men perceive you as a woman?

Depends on men, not a generalised vision of women.

What about women

What does it mean to be a woman?

I would rather ask what does it mean to be a human being. 
Being a woman is same to me as being a man.

Did you ever feel belittled to your status of “woman” in society? Could you tell me more about it?

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