Amalia Julieta Gómez

Amalia Julieta Gómez is born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This incredible artist, in her 30’s, lives and works now in Bilbao, (Basque Country-Spain), since 2016. 

How would you describe yourself?

Above all, I am a colorful person. I try to add color to everything in life, not only to my paintings or illustrations. I am also hyperactive, cheerful and a little bit childish 😀 In a more pragmatic level, I am a painter, illustrator and art historian who loves friendship and family.

Tres en raya (ta te ti)- Wonderful artwork from Amalia Julieta Gómez

How would you describe your art?

My art is a mixture of color and shape, like an alchemy, in which I never stop having fun. I have basically 2 lines of work: painting and illustration (which is brand new). But, for both of them I start the same way: collage. I make digital or real collages in which you’ll always see old vintage photographs involved. When I get a result that makes me feel good I start drawing. Finally, I paint, or I illustrate, depending on what sort of impact the collage produces on me. It’s quite a long process, like cooking a long receipe. I think every step of it has its own magic and importance.

How would you describe your field?

My field is mainly about women. I have always depicted women. Women from the past, brought to the present in a splash of colour, immersed in deep thoughts. Women as a group and as individuals have overcome quite a lot, that is why I always depict them in some kind of introspective world; I always think about my characters as existencialist people. Childhood and getting rid of beauty stereotypes are two other fields which I think about when I’m creating.

What do you want to say through your art?

I am definitely a story-teller. My stories are about timeless women. Each image tells one story, but I could write several books bringing them all together (actually, I think I should write and illustrate one!). In these stories, I present moments of everyday life with some seasonings that can entice you to smile. It’s like relighting these women inside polychromatic pictures. I have learnt that life can be tough sometimes, so, through my art I want to bring moments of joy to me and to everybody who wants to take a look 😉

What / Who inspires you?

I could mention thousands of painters and illustrators from around the world – specially women from my beloved country, Argentina – but I rather prefer to answer that my own family inspires me the most. My mum and my sisters are huge warriors who give me kilograms of strength to keep going. And my dad, who keeps inspiring me from wherever he is.

Tiempos de Maricastaña- Wonderful illustration from Amalia Julieta Gómez
Beautiful illustration from Amalia Julieta Gómez

Does your work comment on your social or political issues?

Sure. I believe in a type of art involved with the social. Even though I do not send direct messages through the pictures, I intend to speak about women’s fight for their rights and about our own power as women while we touch the ground, at home, at work, everywhere and everyday. You know, the personal is political.

What obstacles have you faced?

Plenty; a lot. I started painting at the age of 7 years old (at my town’s local Fine Arts School, Carlos Morel de Quilmes). I’ve worked since I was very young, trying to survive with any type of job. I moved from one country to another and that was quite a change as well. Life has always shown me that it can get really difficult at times. Health obstacles, work obstacles, money obstacles… a little bit of everything, like most of us. We know that being an artist means walking on one side of the road where you’ll maybe have to give up many amenities… but, I think it’s the best side of them all! Freedom and creation; you don’t need anything else.

What is the best advice you could give to someone entering the same industry as you?

Keep moving, keep breathing, keep creating. This doesn’t mean you have to be drawing 24-7, that’s unreal. This means that you can even create with your mind and soul while not doing anything. Never give up; life can be unfair and hard sometimes, but if you love art and creation, you have the power to put the problems aside and shelter yourself in art. This is extremely satisfying; so, always listen to your artistic heart.

On a more pragmatic level have you been supported during your project?

So far, I have. I’ve been supported by many people that have bought my art; I’ve been supported by scholarships which I feel very thankful for, specially the one that let me study my Master in Painting in the University of the Basque Country.

But, above it all, I’ve been fully supported by my family, with their love and all the knowledge I’ve gained from them, every day. I’ve also been fully supported by the amazing boy I live with and by all my wonderful Basque family.

Last year I lost my father, who was my great mentor and friend. I was about to throw everything away and quit painting. But a voice inside of me told me that I had to get up once more, stronger and more commited. That voice was definitely my father’s. And here I am, painting, smiling and walking forward. Art can save, I assure you!.

Gym class - Beautiful illustration from Amalia Julieta Gómez

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